Niche Mortgage Programs

Niche Mortgage Programs

No matter where you are located within the United States, with Liberty Funding, you can count on receiving the best commercial mortgage solutions service. We offer a variety of service packages, and understand the many nuances of available commercial financing programs. Below is our selection of niche mortgage programs.

Senior Housing

There are loan programs for long-term care facilities and senior housing nationwide. In addition to conventional debt financing for refinance and acquisition of senior housing and long term care facilities, there are Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs. Liberty Funding is committed to finding and providing the best long-term solutions for a stabilized product to aid you in the successful growing of your facility.

Mobile Home Parks

While mobile home parks can be one of the best cash flowing commercial investments out there, sometimes local banks will not entertain them as a preferred property on their balance sheets. Here at Liberty Funding, we enjoy working with mobile home park owners to continue the growth of their communities by promoting ways to maintain and expand their investments. We cannot only provide competitive interest rates and terms through our programs, but we understand the language of the mobile home industry. We have worked with its industry leaders for many years.

Please call us today if you have any questions about the loan process. We want to hear from you whether you’re looking for an extended amortization, cash to complete improvements, or just have general questions about expanding your property portfolio. Our programs cover mobile home park refinance loans and mobile home park purchases.

Office / Retail / Mixed Use

Whether owner or non-owner occupied, Liberty Funding has products for both retail and office locations. We can produce terms that allow you to retain your present tenants for proper cash flow and expand your office or business. Commercial business owners nationwide have many options available to them, whether it is through conventional loan programs or the Small Business Administration (SBA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) loan programs. These options are available in both rural locations and major metro markets with competitive terms.

RV Parks

As more and more people look for affordable family getaways, RV parks have enjoyed a resurgence in the few years. We have been assisting clients for many years with the refinance of their existing parks and the purchase of new campgrounds. Navigating your way through the loan process requires expert help. This is especially true since there are many features and requirements for this type of property. Liberty Funding’s programs can meet your specific needs, and will help you purchase or improve an RV park in any area of the country.

Call Liberty Funding today to make your campground ownership more profitable. We are there for you whether you have just the occasional “snow bird” visitors or long-term residents on your property.


The need for self-storage has increased exponentially in the last few years, due to turbulent economic times. As more and more people downsize and move into smaller homes, the need for storage is unprecedented. We believe this is an excellent opportunity for our owners to expand facilities that are overflowing and increase overall occupancy. To discuss the available and appropriate products to stabilize your long-term interest rate, please call us today. We want to help you increase your cash flow by meeting the growing demand for reliable storage solutions.


Both the USDA and SBA offer loan programs to help small businesses succeed. We are happy to help you explore which programs best suit your needs. Qualifying for a SBA 7(a) and 504 loan or USDA loan is based on the property’s performance and cash flow with cash out available for improvements.

Apartments / Multifamily

Apartments and multifamily dwellings (5 units of more) are available through our multifamily loan programs. Depending upon the occupancy and condition of the building, Liberty Funding can provide a mortgage for improvements and rehab, as well as an extended amortization to maximize cash flow.

Multifamily dwellings and apartments with 5 units or more Niche Mortgage Programs are eligible for financing options through our multifamily loan programs. Depending on the condition and occupancy of the building, Liberty Dwelling can work with you to find the right mortgage to suit your improvement and rehab goals. Extended amortizations are also available to maximize your cash flow.